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Fully viable technological solution was announced to the world.

And depends on whether you understand and share this text. (other languages)

* original version in portuguese -

São Paulo, Brazil, June 3, 2020.

A new universal principle of human rights allows a new interpretation of the laws and constitutions of sovereign countries. And it will allow consistent privacy exceptions to fully contain COVID-19 in a few days.

It is done through a mandatory application used by all people in certain regions.

2020 was the year predicted for artificial intelligence to surpass human intelligence.

And if there was or already is an artificial intelligence much more powerful and intelligent than human, it would teach us that humanity already has enough globalization and technology to create a new social network.

A new unique social network belonging to all of us with algorithms, that is, public operating rules that everyone has access to and knowledge of.

Privacy is maintained by the network, but under the new network, each of us can receive a unique universal identification. Each one exercises their true self in this new global social network.

Each of us can score on the net how much each person close to us really cares about others around them or not.

It will not be a public deslike. Only each of us individually will know how well or poorly we are scored on this network, not only based on likes or dislikes by people, but on calculations of our true participation with balance.

Our behavior becomes fair in the real world and in this network, due to the new principle of universal balance.

Everything will change.

Those who do not fit will have a deadline knowing that it is being disapproved to adapt to the new rules, otherwise when this person who promotes social imbalance is revealed, it could be seen as a bubble in society. And there is a remedy for this bubble that unbalanced people generate in their fields of influence.

The blisters, which are bad for their field of coverage, are removed by a wise surgeon. The bubbles must not retain prosperity. They must let the energy of money, work, power with balanced circulating.

Bubbles must not retain excess, they must share what they are excessively retaining within a gradual and fair process for all. Sooner or later they will burst like biological bubbles, until they share with universal balance. Those who promote imbalance will be publicly noticed at the right time and will not have the support of everyone in the new network.

This process will occur quickly at all levels, from our small social circle of work, until families, companies, neighborhoods, cities, states and countries are impacted by their profiles in this new global network.

Profiles of cities, states, countries, with their members in a digital government with algorithms, that is, computational rules, that allow a just and honest fully digital government.

Probably Google's initial mission is to host the software, that is, the computer program, of the new world network, by its principles, as our most reliable world server.

Programmers and even hackers from around the world are called to participate in the new transformation of the new global society, just and supportive.

The revolution will not be sudden and will have an adaptation period.

Laws and order continue to apply until everything is renewed in a gradual process. Everyone must respect the orders of the authorities hitherto constituted.

The global society must organize itself in digital institutions too, with representation of its members in this digital policy process with algorithms, that is, computer rules open to all. The data is confidential where the intimacy and individuality of each individual must be respected.

Therefore, there will be institutions of each economic profile of society, each electronic institution of employees, companies, professions, etc. All interests will be duly represented and heard. And also the political institutions already established that receive a new profile in the new world network. Our representatives will receive your way of governing everyone in a totally clear and fair way.

This new intelligence of true democratic representation is manifested in this algorithm, that is, a computer rule, and clearly shows what our government representatives should do.

And if our leaders do not do this, they will lose support entirely due to a lack of representation of the true popular will, properly organized and well represented.

United programmers from around the world can resolve this together quickly in just 14 days, the COVID-19 virus incubation period.

But how does covid-19 cure now?

This new social network will be started quickly with worldwide cooperation not only from our doctors, but now from our programmers, who in a beautiful global effort develop universal software with open algorithms widely discussed and approved by scientists from all areas.  Each person with your profile will have new rules for individual mobility. The new worldwide network will tell you for now how to move or not, work or not.  People will be called upon to reorganize themselves in this new world. Our jobs stayed in the ancient world. In the new world that is restarting, our jobs will be different.  We will do everything in a gradual and peaceful way, but very agile to save loved ones who are exposed to death by the coronavirus. LOCKDOWN NOW - THE OLD WORD RESTART NOW - THE NEW WORLD

 The New World Network begins to structure itself digitally, with the fair participation of people, small and local institutions, even large institutions of greater scope and countries.  RESTART THE NEW WORLD NOW BASED NOT ON ANCIENT LETTERS AND LAWS OF EQUALITY. BUT BASED ON THE PRINCIPLE OF UNIVERSAL BALANCE.  THE PRINCIPLE OF UNIVERSAL BALANCE becomes the major foundation, above the universal declaration of human rights.  The normalization of the circulation of people will be given by the computer program of the New World Network, according to the risk it runs, according to their needs and wants. We will adapt your individual will and freedom, with rules of where you can go and where you cannot go for now.  The new program will make it possible to know and track all those infected with COVID-19 based on computer calculations that will allow the virus to be completely eradicated, perhaps even before the arrival of a vaccine.  The world and our lives can return to normal after computerized control of regions with only a 14-day incubation cycle for the coronavirus.  Share!   (free reproduction permitted, provided the current official website of the Multidimensional Research Institute is cited)

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